As I’m kinda a Brooklynite now I couldn’t pass on supporting local business in Brooklyn Botany.

Let me tell you I’m not a fan of scrubs whatsoever. Yes, I usually have one in my bathroom but it’s more of a ritual than an actual treatment. Soak in bath, light some candles, apply hair mask and do a nice thigh massage with a scrub like it will cure all of my cellulite in one session. For exfoliation, I’m all about AHA/BHA body creams and toners, so scrubs are more a pretense for a massage really. But in the end, I was pleasantly surprised by Brooklyn Botany Blueberry Scrub.

Brooklyn Botany Blueberry Scrub

Brooklyn Botany Blueberry Scrub doesn’t have any gel or cream base that thins out usual scrubs, even a small amount is enough to feel that it’s actually exfoliating. Another big ”yes” from me it’s a salt-based scrub, it doesn’t melt as quickly as sugar and it’s rich in minerals that have detoxifying properties. Bear in mind, that salt scrub can burn if you have any scratches or cuts on the skin. Also, it washes off super easily immediately, leaving me with soft feeling and no greasy residue whatsoever.

Brooklyn Botany Activated Charcoal Shampoo I’m so obsessed with it! I wasn’t aware of how much my fine hair needed clarifying shampoo. I mean I used cleansing shampoos before but they were mostly too drying even if I used them once a week. It’s literally a death sentence for fine hair starts to frizz out and later ends tend to split. So lately I’ve been avoiding cleansing shampoos altogether.

Brooklyn Botany Activated Charcoal Shampoo

With Brooklyn Botany Activated Charcoal Shampoo my hair and scalp definitely feel so much cleaner and there’s no stripping. And the best part my hair is so sleek, there’s definitely less frizzing going on. My biggest concern was about oils in this shampoo that can easily overweight my fine hair. I know, I know… With clarifying shampoos I usually expect drying and here it’s all about overweighting my hair, what are the odds, right? And it didn’t happen! I even tried to use only Activated Charcoal Shampoo for a while and my hair haven’t felt overly dry or too greasy. I’m not sure though how it would work with color treated hair. Let me know if you have any experience.

Brooklyn Botany Blueberry Scrub

I’m very happy with the products I chose and it makes me want to explore Brooklyn Botany further. Candles here I come!!! Brooklyn Botany how come you don’t have a body butter yet?

*complimentary for testing purposes.

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