The Good

Bumble And Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil. Bumble And Bumble made an amazing shampoo and conditioner. It was only travel sized bottles 60ml but it was enough to impress me. Added to wishlist.

Innisfree Jeju Gardenia. This little purse-sized hand cream was my favorite to-go product. It absorbed really quickly, left my hands very soft and neat looking, without gross greasy feeling. And it smelled so good! I’ll be coming back for this little thing.

Shea Moisture Shea Butter.  When I was purchasing it I didn’t notice that this was a pure shea butter not a body cream with it. Jar laid around my apartment for couple months cause shea butter is almost rock solid at room temperature and I was struggling using it on its own. At last, I got this bright idea (took me long enough, duh!) to melt and add it to a couple of my body creams. The result exceeded my expectations! The worst creams suddenly became quite good. As a bonus, shea butter is infused with coconut and hibiscus, which supposed to brighten and tone my skin. Never noticed that one though.

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation. Fun fact, Ole Henriksen was the first skincare brand that I used when moved to the US. The full-sized Sheer Transformation I repurchased 2 or 3 times and still like the renewed version which is now proudly called Perfecting Moisturizer. It’s hydrating but light and weightless at the same time.

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme. I don’t usually write about such men stuff but this one needs a special mentioning. Cause this is the first cologne my husband actually likes and even asked me to repurchase it. That never happened before!

The Bad

Tony Moly Panda’s Dream. I dearly love most of Tony Moly products but Panda didn’t make me happy. These were huge weirdly shaped patches that didn’t want to hold on to my face and kept falling off all the time. In the end, I haven’t noticed any moisturizing or brightening effect.

Josie Maran Sugar Body Scrub. Again as much as I love Josie Maran body line I’m happy that I bought this scrub in travel size. Loved the texture and moisturizing after effect but I couldn’t bear its Sweet Apple Cider scent that reminded me of rotten apples, not even close to a cider. I’m gonna stick to their whipped body butter in future.

The Meh

Verb Hydration. I’ve been using both shampoo and conditioner for the last month but this combo didn’t do anything special for my fine hair. I still got a lot of frizz baby hairs around the head like a dandelion and, in general, I haven’t noticed my hair to be extra smooth or shiny. I’m ok with shampoo (not picky in that department) but the conditioner is definitely not working for me. Still, I’m eyeing Verb Ghost line for a future purchase.

Gold Bond Triple Action Relief. Nice affordable foot cream. It kept my heels soft and moisturized and had a subtle, not overpowering menthol scent which I really appreciated. Very good but at the same time there was nothing memorable to make me buy it the second time.

Clinique Pep Start HyrdoBlur. I had a couple of samples and a travel size jar of this moisturizer so I’m ready to reach a verdict. I loved how Pep Start smoothed out my skin but I found it hard to incorporate into my everyday makeup routine. It would flake under a lot of my sunscreens or primers and I didn’t feel that foundation effortlessly applies on my skin. Eventually, every sample I got was used for no makeup and stay-at-home days.

Have you finished any products recently? 

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