I love to play with my makeup and try something new. Foundation and concealer are core essentials, they create that perfect canvas, perfect complexion especially when you naturally don’t have one, like me. Have I found perfection in Lock It products? let’s check it out!

All my life I was struggling with even skin tone. First, there were acne scarring, dark spots, later redness started to rear its ugly head. And not to mention my dark and very visible veins under both eyes (hello, genes!). In my early twenties, all I wanted to do is to hide everything on my face, cover with thick layer of foundation and pretend “I woke up like this”. In my thirties, I’ve come to terms with my natural flaws and try to embrace them, make them part of my everyday life. And you know what? It’s ok and doesn’t make me any less beautiful or confident.

So this long preamble was to make one simple point. Little by little I got off my addiction to full coverage and now I’m using mostly tints or light to medium coverage foundations. 

That’s why Lock-it Foundation didn’t work for me. First, I don’t like full coverage. It feels thick and gives me unnatural finish IMHO. Also, it doesn’t stretch well, hard to blend into the skin, settles into in my pores and fine lines after a couple of hours and the worst part it oxidizes a lot. I tried different applications with my hands, beauty blender, brushes and still couldn’t make it work. Probably, we’re just not compatible, who knows. Gave it to my friend and she made it work by mixing it with another lighter foundation and using some primer. I’m kinda relieved it’s not a total dud but it makes me question my makeup skills lol. 

Kat von D Lock It

Lock it Concealer, on the other hand, I loved! It’s so good that dethroned my YSL All Hours right now. It has full coverage, easily covers my blue veins but doesn’t feel dry or cakey in anyway during the day. My foundation could be all messed up by the end of the day but concealer still looks perfect. Also, I like the natural finish it gives, not totally flat matte as I was expecting. On the downside, a tiny amount goes a long way with Lock it Concealer. If I put too much it creases like hell. 

And lastly, I’d like to rant a bit like an old lady.

I like VoxBoxes I get from Influenster. It’s always something I’m interested in but when I opened this box it was like huh?! 😳 First, I most certainly remember that in the questionnaire I checked the box for light coverage, I just don’t use full coverage foundation at all. So why I’m having that? I can’t possibly make a compelling review of the product I’m not interested in. Secondly, is this questionnaire even relevant? Or they would’ve sent me Kat Von D anyway? With all the backlash that brand got recently maybe they are looking for positive reviews to redeem themselves in the eyes of the beauty community.

Point is, I don’t how their system works, maybe it was only a mistake. But when I first opened the box I felt frustration, cause it wasn’t what I signed up for. 

On the positive note, I found a great concealer thanks to Influenster that  I would never ever tried on my own. 

*complimentary pr via Influenster for testing purposes. 

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