I’ve never been a foundation aficionado. Eyeshadow junkie – yep! Brow nut – sure thing. Blush freak – maybe. Foundation – nope!

It just never felt right on my skin to wear layers of foundation and choosing the right shade always was such an exhausting experience. With Laneige, I made a leap of faith and bought it online on Sephora without even doing a lot of research like I normally would do. Oddly enough it paid off.

Laneige BB Cushion Pore Blur 11. Porcelain

This was the first one I bought last June to have a little bit of oil control in T-zone for my combination skin and it became my instant favorite. It’s a perfect foundation for every day! I love its semi-matte finish that looks very natural. It’s like a nice canvas to play with different illuminators and highlighters to add an extra dewiness. Also, Laneige Pore Blur has buildable coverage from light to medium that works perfectly for me on different occasions. 

The only drawback I noticed Pore Blur tends to disappear on my forehead or in best case scenario looks patchy at the end of the day when I tried to apply it as thin as possible. So I wouldn’t call it a long lasting one.

Laneige BB Cushion Hydra Radiance 11. Porcelain

After rather successful experience with Pore Blur version, I decided to buy something more hydrating for the winter season. Why not from the same brand.

This cushion turned out to be even better for my skin then Pore Blur. It applies flawlessly, blends without any effort and the finish is super natural with a tad of dewy glow. It felt like I was wearing nothing. Usually, I love how polished my skin looks just with a little touch of Guerlain Meteorites on top of Laneige Hydra Radiance BB cushion but during hot days I more often reach for a matte setting powder to have more oil control in a T-zone.

List of pros is a long one, but the con is still the same. Sometimes I don’t feel that it’s long lasting enough.

Fun fact. Pore Blur 11. Porcelain shade is actually lighter then Hydra Radiance 11. Porcelain. Same numbers but different shades, don’t know why they did it…

You can layer and touch up both BB Cushions without a build up look. They work great with setting powder and primer as good as without them. Also, Laneige BB Cushions have SPF50, you can’t beat it with regular foundations. And don’t forget that for the price of 38$ it comes with a refill.

What are you latest foundation favorites?

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