As a beauty and recently skincare addict I’m trying to try so many new things but having only one face kinda a bummer. A lot of stuff is piling up in my drawers, gets stuffed in Sephora makeup bags in dark corners of the closet, or end up in weird places like a toolbox (true story!). With masks, it’s even more frustrating cause I see that ”don’t use more than 1-2 times a week” and religiously follow this instruction. After a year or so I started to notice how my mask situation is slowly getting out of control, full-sized products took over a whole shelf and two big makeup bags were stuffed full of sheet masks, nose patches, and travel-sized products. I so hate being a hoarder and all the mildly annoying clutter that comes with it so I decided to use all of them and as soon as possible by using mask every day for a month!

Mask challenge

In the Asian beauty community, it’s actually considered normal to use masks every day and I even know a couple of girls that have been successfully practicing it for years. I should probably make a disclaimer here that Asian approach to skincare is different than European/American and leans more toward ”less but every day” focusing on consistency and I, for instance, grew up with a thought of a once a week treat for my face, ”more potent but not frequent” approach. Maybe I’ll write about these different cultural approaches and how it influences my personal skincare routine later. Let me know if you would like to read that ;)

I didn’t have a clear plan starting this challenge what I would use and when. As much as love to plan out every little detail of my life ahead, with skincare, I just try to listen to my skin and wing it along the way.

Mask challenge

Week 1

The first week was pretty much easy. I hit a small bump on day 4 when I suddenly was torn between doing a cleansing mask to clear my nose pores or to brighten the overall complexion with a vitamin C mask. Ended up doing double masking and realizing it actually makes sense when you mask more frequently than twice a week.

Week 2

Still was going strong in the second week. I haven’t forgotten about the challenge and wasn’t a lazy ass to actually do it. The revelation of the week: I like to use my Dr.Jart+ roller over the sheet mask. Performing this nightly ritual not only makes me feel very relaxed but it also seriously upped my skincare game. You probably wouldn’t notice any difference but the whole 30 minutes rolling till the sheet mask dries out gives me Bella Hadid’s cheekbones. For like 5 minutes but a girl can still dream, right.

Week 3

On the third week, I expected to be slightly annoyed with the whole shtick and having thoughts about why I even started this. Lucky me, it still went pretty well. Also realized I don’t have enough moisturizing masks with exception of sheet ones, so ordered Summer Friday’s Jet Lag.

Week 4

Still not annoyed and even very happy that I used up some of the minis and quite a lot of sheet masks, now they fit only in one makeup bag. Yay me!

Sheet Masks
Face masks

30 days is a long time! It helped me to establish a healthier skincare regime and mindset when it comes to masking. The hardest part was to keep that fragile balance between cleansing and moisturizing and not to go overboard with either of them. It’s not an easy task! Potent cleansing masks and peels I still restricted to once-twice a week using hydrating treatments in-between.

As for my skin, I haven’t started this challenge with my hopes up. For once I was pretty confident in my everyday routines. So I’m sorry if I disappoint you but nothing drastic happened. The only thing that I felt like really changed during this month is the texture of my skin, it felt more smooth, more even. Of course, it’s not a 100% scientific fact, it’s just my feelings and maybe somewhere in deep layers my skin makes a happy dance (I really hope so), but the sheer fact that I like what I’m seeing in the mirror makes it all worth it. 

I don’t think I could ever keep up masking every day, I’m still lazy AF, but I definitely plan to continue use masks as frequently as possible.

Share you thoughts on masking every day. Do you practice it?

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